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Yokohama butter biscuit 72g

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The lightly baked biscuits reflect the scene of Yokohama. The richness and flavor of the butter is complemented by the finished salt.

Flour (manufactured in Japan), sugar, shortening, lactose, glucose, vegetable oils and fats, butter, milk, etc. as the main ingredients, cornstarch, caramel paste / leavening agent, flavoring, coloring (caramel, carotene), emulsifier (derived from soybeans)


・This product manufacturing plant produces products containing eggs, peanuts, oranges, sesame seeds, bananas and apples. ・Please eat it as soon as possible after opening the outer bag. ・19 kinds of biscuits are randomly included. ・Estimated number of pieces: 8 (Since it is managed by weight, the number may vary)

Care Instructions