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3 Sakura string bag ( each set 20p beige) 19,770JPY

13 Mini cup noodles packs 6,370JPY

2 creamy rooibos tea 2,160JPY 

2 shortcake tea 2,160JPY 

2 blue cat tea 2,160JPY

2 sakura fairy tea 2,160JPY

3 lychee raspberry barley tea pink 3,240JPY

9 Mini custard pudding (original) 3,510JPY

1 TIRTIR MASK fit mini cushion 17C 3,990JPY

1 Canmake marshmallow finish powder 02 1,990JPY 

1 Canmake lip balm (happy tulip) 1,990JPY

2 Canmake Lip tint (01, 06) 2,380JPY 

1 Gelato pique pullover (pink) 10,900JPY

1 Gelato pique long pant 9,990JPY

1 Modern ornament 2,590JPY

1 Sumiko collection 2,590JPY

3 Sumiko small plush 3,270 JPY 


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