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1 Pink bear muffler 3,990JPY

1 Pink gloves 2,190JPY 

1 Mofusand rabbit 4,980JPY (990JPY local postage included) 

1 Tutuanna sleep wear (Navy) 2,990JPY

1 Tutuanna warm socks (BLK) 790JPY

2 Tutuanna high socks 36cm 1,380JPY 

1 Tutuanna nylon socks cover (BLK) 690JPY 

(3 pairs set special price) 

1 Tutuanna loose socks 60cm 1,590JPY 

4 Maxim coffee refill packs 5,560JPY

1 Blendy instant coffee 200g 1,190JPY

1 AGF instant coffee 120g 990JPY

1 UCC the blend 117 790JPY 

1 Floral dress 3,290JPY

2 Food picks 780JPY

2 Black tights 1,790JPY

6 Wrapping tool (3 box, 3 plastic) 2,340JPY

4 Meiji collagen powder 18,360JPY

1 Kid tooth floss (4sets) 1,990JPY

1 Sumikko ponpon shoot game 4,990JPY 


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