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Tochigi wagyu potato chips

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"Tochigi Wagyu" has become a delicious potato chip.

The rustic and nostalgic taste that brings out the original flavour of potatoes. Please enjoy it.

"What is Tochigi Wagyu"

A calf of black beef with a clear pedigree in a clean environment.Each designated production farmer in the prefecture raises it with great care.In order to further improve the taste and flavour of beef, the calf was feed with rice.In addition, the designated producer with reliable technology spent a long time of about 30 months.

Contents: 120g

Nutritional ingredient labelling (per 100g)
Energy 605 kcal, protein 3.2 g, fat 43.9 g,
Carbohydrate 49.3g, salt equivalent 0.36g

Care Instructions