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Snoopy decaf coffee (3p)

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Among them, "Decafe", which is popular all year round as a standard coffee because of its deliciousness that makes you want to drink it regardless of the season, has been renewed into a retro color package while maintaining its deliciousness!
Cute Snoopy on the stick ♪

Decaffeinated coffee cuts 99.85% of caffeine in 100g, so it is recommended for pregnant women and those who want to refrain from caffeine before going to bed or during lactation.

You can easily make delicious coffee just by pouring 150 ml of hot water into one stick.

Contain: 12g (4g x3p) 

・ 99.85% of caffeine is removed in 100g.
・ Please use the stick immediately after opening it.
・ Fine coffee powder may precipitate during melting, but there is no problem with the quality.

その美味しさと見た目のかわいさが人気のPEANUTS coffee。

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