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Seaweed butter 145g (without coloring)

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Tsukudani seaweed made with domestic black seaweed and boiled in soy sauce made from domestic ingredients. By adding domestically produced butter to the finish, a rich and mellow taste was born.
When you put it on hot rice, the seaweed and butter melt and it is irresistible.

Ingredient :  Black seaweed (domestic), water candy, soy sauce, plant protein hydrolyzate, honmirin, sugar, butter, starch, agar, yeast extract, brewed vinegar, (some include wheat, milk components, soybeans)

Best-by date 240 days from the date of manufacture (before opening)
Preservation method Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight (refrigerate after opening)

* Butter may solidify on the top of the product and appear white.
* The color of the product may differ depending on the color of the raw seaweed.
* The raw material, black seaweed, is collected by a fishing method that mixes crab and shrimp.


Care Instructions