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Reusable steam neck pillow (red bean in)

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It is a thermal pillow using 100% natural azuki. By warming it in the microwave, the steam heat from the azuki will gently warm your neck and shoulders and relax your heart. It has a moderate weight and fits the neck and shoulders, so it can be effectively warmed up.
" The shape and size that wraps widely from the neck to "near the shoulder blade of the back", so it wraps and warms not only the "neck" and "shoulder" but also the "upper part of the back that is out of reach". It's economical because it can be used 250 times repeatedly.


Raw materials and ingredients:

[Material] Polyester, cotton [Contents] Azuki, mung beans (blue azuki)


How to reuse:

Azuki absorbs the lost moisture from the air by warming it.

While waiting for more than 4 hours, the amount of water in azuki will increase and you will be able to use it repeatedly.

Be sure to protect the number of uses 250 times.


※This product is not a medical device.

Care Instructions