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Polar bear money box 2023

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From such a white piggy bank, a limited number of "campaign with mufflers" has started again this year! This year's scarf is a cute border pattern of "green x white".

Main body: width 120 x depth 120 x height 155

Muffler: width 20 x length 400

Main body: Plastic

Muffler: Acrylic

[About the muffler] The length of the extra muffler is about 40 cm. It is elastic and you can arrange the winding method by yourself. In addition, individual differences may be seen in the fringe.

[About the specifications of this product] Regarding the design of the white bear's eyes, the white eye print has been revived from August 2021 and returned to the eyes. The print around the eyes may be chipped, misaligned, or ooze.

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