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1 Zara home clover cottton cushion 4,190JPY

1 Zara home clover bolster 4,190JPY 

1 Zara home local postage 405JPY

2 Gelato homme sleep bear cushion cover 7,340JPY 

1 McQueen lunch utensil set 1,940JPY (350JPY local postage included)

1 McQueen lunch bag 1,690JPY

1 McQueen lunch box 2,190JPY

1 McQueen small string bag 1,490JPY

1 Hello kitty lunch box 1,390JPY 

1 Hello Kitty lunch bag 1,590JPY 

1 Hello kitty utensil set 1,690JPY 

1 Hello Kitty thermos (WHT) 5,990JPY 

5 Imabari towel (Daruma, penguin, 2 cats, coffee) 1,190JPY

1 Imabari towel (fuku) 1,090JPY

6 McQueen Tomica 8,770JPY 

2 Maruto mugs (red & green) 5,380JPY(800JPY local postage included) 


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