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1 Dean & Deluca’s order (7 items) 17,900JPY

1 Kaldi’s order (4 items) 2,890JPY

1 Hello kitty biscuits 490JPY

1 Tegamisha’s order (2 items) 5,140JPY (local postage 950JPY included)

1 Tagamisha’s order (preorder 3 items) 11,140JPY (local postage  2,150JPY included)

1 Knut’s coffee shop order (4items) 7,690JPY (local postage 700JPY included)

2 Cats fur storage box 5,900JPY(900JPY local postage included) 

2 Chikawa soft toy 4,590JPY

5 7-11 snacks 1,990JPY

1 EXO yearly membership  6,900JPY

1 Cat stamp 1,090JPY

2 Cats with EBI FRY keychain 2,290JPY

 FEES are included. 


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