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1 Gelato Pique tee (M) 5,290JPY

1 Gelato Pique bag 4,990JPY 

1 Capybara soft toy 2,990JPY

2 GUM toothpaste (Miffy) 990JPY

2 Sunstar toothpaste (4in1 set) 2,780JPY

3 (PRE) Mofusand figurine 5,760JPY ( 4,770JPY+ local postage 990JPY )

6 Tutuanna socks 3,580JPY 

2 Anpanman (onigiri & cupcake) 1,390JPY

1 Minnie Mouse microwave set 7,990JPY

1 Joypalette (sandwich) 550JPY

1 Joypalette (burger) 550JPY

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