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1 Kaldi autumn dripped 4p 990JPY

1 Kaldi Halloween dripped 4p 890JPY

1 Spices 490JPY

1 NEKOMANMA (maguro) 8p 1,690JPY

3 Shimizu shoten dashi 6p 2,680JPY

2 Shimizu shoten ochatsuke 4p 1,580JPY

1 Hokkaido soup curry 790JPY

1 Panda red bean bao 390JPY

1 KALDI’s Local postage 914JPY

1 Taste daily calendar 2024 4,990JPY (included local postage) 

1 Kurashi & Trips calendar 3,540JPY 

4 Deodorant bags (S) 7,980JPY 

1 Hario nyan plate 3,990JPY

(PRE) 1 Hololive cookies cards  (complete set) 4,990JPY 




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