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1 Nitori cushion cover order 14,710JPY

1 Leo Leoni Tee (WHT)1,990JPY

1 Collar cardigan (WHT) 2,590JPY

1 Leo Leoni sweater (WHT) 2,790JPY

1 Collar sweater (PINK) 2,590JPY

1 Aboo tutu ONE PIECE (WHT) 5,990JPY

1 Sumiko crane 8,990JPY

1 Sumiko bank 3,990JPY

1 Sumiko bear home cafe plush 2,990JPY

4 Maxim coffee refill pack 5,560JPY

1 Mofusand order 26,060JPY 

4 Fromage Cat biscuit 6,240JPY (1,080JPY shipping included) 

1 Sumiko gold fish plush 1,990JPY 

11 Year 2024 Envelopes 4,290JPY 

3 Cats chairs socks sets 3,240JPY 

3 Mushroom chairs socks set 4,470 JPY


Last batch ————————————————

13 Cats and rabbit chocolates set 4,550JPY 

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