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1x Opera order 7,170JPY 

4x Recolte Baker Mini 17,000JPY (each 4,250JPY)

5x Wakodo pancake mixed 2,250JPY (each 450JPY) 

3x Canyon curry cube 1,770JPY (each 590JPY) 

5x ほっとけーち pancake mix 100g 2,450JPY (each 490yen) 

2x Tomato paste 580JPY (each 290JPY) 

2x Wakodo bolo 580JPY (each 290JPY)

2x Wakodo veggie bolo  580JPY (each 290JPY)

1x Grape juice (3p) 350JPY 

1x Apple juice (3p) 350JPY 

1x Richell mug 2,590JPY

1x Richell Miffy bottle 3,390JPY 

1x Square heart sandwich mold (pink) 1,390JPY

4x Regular size sandwich mold 3,960JPY (each 990JPY)

1x Animals sandwich mold 1190JPY

1x Square animal sandwich mold 990JPY

1x Cotta order 5,930JPY (1x cat mold 2,790JPY , 1x Halloween silicon mold 1,190JPY, 1x Biscuit mold 1,290JPY, 1x local shipment 660JPY) 

1x Without egg kewpie mayonnaise 690JPY

Fees included.  

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