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1 Limited 3rd anniversary design betta bottle 240ml 4,590JPY

1 Atelier Choux betta bottle 240ml 5,190JPY 

1 Miffy mini clips set 1,190JPY 

1 Hair clip 1,390JPY 

1 Doris toothbrush stand 1,790JPY 

1 Green tea pot 3,990JPY

1 Green cup 1,690JPY 

1 White bear jacket (100) 4,990JPY

1 Beige vest shirt (110) 2,690JPY 

1 Purple cardigan (110) 4,790JPY 

1 Xmas gift set (Anpanman boots) 1,990JPY

1 Xmas gift set (Anpanman selection) 1,090JPY 



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