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Midori magnet letter cutter (3 colors)

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The side where the groove of the main body spreads in a Y-shaped shape is the insertion port. If you insert the envelope from the opposite side, you can't open it.

You can open it from anywhere on the 4 sides of the envelope.

Because it has a built-in magnet, please keep it away from mobile phones, magnetic cards, medical devices, precision instruments, etc.

When fixing the main body with double-sided tape, please read the use of double-sided tape and safety precautions carefully.


Material Main body / made of resin (made of ABS + glass fibre + POM)

Blade/Ceramic (with replacement blade sold separately)



●This product is a knife. Please be careful when handling it.

●Please keep it out of the reach of children under 6 years old.

●Please do not use it if the cover comes off or the main body is damaged.

Care Instructions