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Kyushu pancake mixed 200g

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Kyushu pancakes include flavorful Kyushu wheat, sprouted brown rice grown in Aya-cho, Miyazaki prefecture without using pesticides, unsen mochikibi in Nagasaki prefecture, germ-pressed wheat in Saga prefecture, Kumamoto prefecture and Fukuoka prefecture. From the beginning, black rice and red rice, which are the origins of rice cultivation, glutinous rice grown in the fertile land of Kagoshima prefecture, and sugar are sugar from Okinawa and Kagoshima. No emulsifiers, fragrances, modified starches, etc. are used. 

Raw materials / ingredients
Wheat flour, sugar (sugar cane raw material), rice flour (black rice, red rice, glutinous rice), glutinous rice, germinated brown rice, germ pressed wheat, salt, swelling agent (some of the raw materials include eggs, milk, wheat).

How to use 
Mix eggs and milk and bake.

Care Instructions