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Kontex Imabari towel 33x100cm Made in Japan

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●Fluffy, smooth, it's a soft touch like "Hagoromo"

●A gentle gauze towel with a special specification that allows you to taste the fluffy feeling of cotton along with the smoothness unique to gauze made from the popular "cloth goyomi series"

●For you with sensitive skin, soft baby's skin ... perfect for delicate skin

●The soft touch of "Hagoro mo gauze" envelops you gently

●The best face towel for shampoo and face washing is very useful in various places such as the kitchen and washroom in addition to bath time.

●As a jogging towel or walking towel, it is convenient to use for sports, in the sea, pool, outdoors, for travelling, sports gyms and hot springs, etc. ... It is convenient to use in any scene

●Good quality is attractive in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture, one of the largest towel production areas in Japan

●Towels that spare no time, do not allow any compromise from material selection to post-processing, and are filled with the commitment of craftsmen in Imabari, Shikoku

●Pluffy and soft finish without using fabric softener

●Emphasising on safety, it is slowly washed with vegetable pure soap and natural extracted orange oil while using plenty of natural mineral water originating from the Shikoku mountain range.

●There are a lot of stylish patterns that make you want to align one after another

●No matter how many face towels you have, we recommend it as a small greeting or as a petit gift.

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