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Dulton kitchen timer 6 colors

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Size (cm) About W7 x D7 x H3cm *The size may vary slightly.

Material steel polycarbonate.

Remarks It can take up to 55 minutes.

How to use:

When setting the timer, always rotate the dial clockwise to the "55" position and then counterclockwise to the desired scale.

Please note:

*This product is a spring type. Due to the structure of the spiral kitchen timer, the timer may ring several tens of seconds before the set time. please note that. *Do not turn the dial too much or turn it below "0". Doing so may cause damage. *Do not drop, hit, or give a strong shock to the product. Doing so may cause scratches or damage. * Since it is not waterproofed, please do not use it in wet or humid places. * The color of the actual product may differ slightly depending on the type of monitor and computer environment.

Care Instructions