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Daytime ice aroma charcoal-grilled coffee (6p)

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Colombian beans were carefully roasted using domestic Bincho charcoal to bring out the bitterness and richness. The aftertaste is characterized by the aroma and bitterness of charcoal.

The usual coffee time at home feels like you are in a coffee shop. Please enjoy it.

【How to drink】
・ Dissolve 5.5g per bottle in 200ml of room temperature water and add the desired amount of ice.
・ For those who like a bitter and strong taste, 170 ml of room temperature water + ice is recommended.

Do not drink hot water, hot milk, etc. warm.

Contain: 33g(5.5g×6p)



・1本5.5g を、200ml の常温水で溶かし、お好みの量の氷を加える。
・苦く濃いめの味わいがお好きな方は、170ml の常温水+氷 がおススメです。

Care Instructions