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Daily Series 20p | Strawberry Tea (Girls Tea) šŸ“

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Valuable even in specialty stores! 100% hand-picked bespoke tea leaves.


How to drink deliciously Straight:

Hot water 200 ml ā†’ 3 minutes

Milk tea: 100 ml of boiling water ā†’ 5 minutes ā†’ appropriate amount of milk

Iced tea: 150 ml of boiling water ā†’ 3 minutes ā†’ to a glass full of ice

Be sure to squeeze it well and enjoy the delicious astringency because it is outstandingly fresh! Internal capacity Tea bag for cup

(individual packaging) 1.2g x 20p I

n the original paper box raw materials Tea, spices

Country of origin Sri Lanka

Expiry date More than half a year

Preservation method Store away from high temperature and humidity

Care Instructions