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Order page (Baby foods)

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6x kewpie pasta sauce 1440yen (each 240yen) 

11x kewpie puree(premium) 3190yen (each 290yen) 

8x kewpie puree(normal) 1680yen (each 210yen) 

4x kewpie jelly 800yen (each 200yen) 

5x Wakodo freeze dried veggie puree cube 850yen (each 170yen) 

3x Wakodo soup (green box) 900yen (each 300yen) 

2x Wakodo fruits & yogurt jelly box (each box 6p) 2380yen (each 1190yen) 

2x Wakodo veggie yogurt pack(individual) 380yen (each 190yen) 

6x Wakodo cereal pack 3540yen (each 590yen) 

4x Wakodo fruits & veggie juice (each set 3p) 1400yen (each 350yen) 

4x Wakodo pouch food 1000yen (each 250yen) 

6x Wakodo steam bread mixed (corn, cocoa, original) 2100yen  (each 350yen) 

4x Wakodo cookies box (green) 1160yen (each 290yen) 

3x Wakodo rice topping 1188yen (each 396yen) 

1x wakoko oyaki Dumpling mix (purple sweet potato) 450yen

5x Wakodo pancake mix 2250yen (each 450yen) 

18x Wakodo pouch food 4860yen (each 270yen)

4x Wakodo soup powder pack 1560yen (each 390yen)

1x Wakodo corn flakes powder 1090yen 

6x Wakodo sauce pack (cream, Chinese style and Japanese style) 2100yen (each 350yen) 

1x Edison steam bread mix 430yen

1x Edison hot cake mix 430yen

1x Edison corn flakes powder 100g 1290yen

1x Edison pumpkin flakes powder 120g 1290yen

2x Ofukuro organic Sashi soy sauce 1980yen (each 990yen) 

1x Baby ketchup 390yen 

1x tomato paste 290yen 

2x ほっとけーち pancake mix 100g 980yen (each 490yen) 

1x Curry cubes 590yen 

1x Cream stew cubes 520yen 

2x veggie purée 500yen (each 250yen) 

1x Yamaki fresh bonito flakes 390yen 

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