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🍞Kaldi coffees order 9,391JPY

🍞Kinto bottle 2,890JPY 

🍞Cats food 2,912JPY 

🍞Cat Vest and hand belt 9,555JPY

🍞Mixed nuts 1,120JPY 

🍞Dried mangoes 1,120 JPY 

🍞Chestnut , mushroom rice kit 2,194JPY 

🍞Face masks 1,757JPY 

🍞Mixed nuts order 3,246JPY

🍞Box waffle 4,042JPY 

🍞Xenoblade3 collector edition (pre-order) 5,657JPY 

🍞あんバターサンドクッキー 1,590JPY 

🍞Afternoon tea order 1 4,680JPY

🍞Afternoon tea order 2 2,740JPY


🍞 Muji maroon buns🌟 FREE 🌟

🍜Cup noodles 🌟 FREE 🌟


FEES are included.

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