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Cotton towel (4 types)

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Japanese spinning technology that has been secretly inherited since the Meiji period, as if cotton was made into a fabric as it is.

Even if you don't use soap, you can remove moderate sebum and dirt with just water, and it is a body care product that balances the skin.

This product is a new sense of body care material that can remove moderate sebum with only water even though it is 100% cotton. Because it is washed only with water, you can avoid overwashing with surfactants with soap or body soap.

How to use

1. Soak it in water and squeeze it lightly.

2. As it is, gently stroke the surface of the body (like washing with fluff) and wash it while sliding.

Size:(it will stretch a little when put into water) 

Body towel : 9cm x 16cm 

Body mitten: 21cm x 11.5cm

Face wash mitten :7.5cm x6.5cm

Dish clothe: 19cm x 16cm 

Care Instructions