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Corocoro colorful ball 8p

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Precautions for use

・This product is handmade, so there are some individual differences (size, shape, colour) depending on the product. Please understand in advance. ・Please use it as far as the owner's eyes can reach and do not use it for purposes other than cat toys. ・When not using it, please do not leave it within the reach of pets and children. ・If by any chance the cat swallows it, please consult a veterinarian immediately. ・Please do not use it near obstacles or fire, and make sure that there is no danger in the surroundings. ・Please note that there is a possibility of colour fading, colour transfer or damage, such as if left wet. ・Depending on how you play, it may break in a short time. Please consider it as a consumable. ・Please refrain from using it for any purpose other than the original purpose.

Raw materials and ingredients: Wool 100%

If it gets dirty, please wipe it with a hard, soft cloth, etc. and dry it well before using it.

Care Instructions