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Brush set for betta baby bottle

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The material of the hair is white horse hair, which is said to be the king of brushes. Stainless steel handles supplely fit up to curves and corners! Clean up to milk scum and oil without damaging. The work of winding white horse hair on stainless steel requires a subtle balance of force and is finished by skilled craftsmen.

In response to your request, the tip of the brush is folded in half. By carefully folding one by one from the centre of the brush, the trouble that breaks through the tip of the delicate nipple is reduced to zero. It is the result of the craftsman's efforts. This volume will fit your nipples and wash your entire nipple comfortably.


Large Brush White Horse Hair, Small Brush Nylon, Handle Stainless Steel

Large brush approx. H250 x W60 x D6

Small brush approx. H100 x W18 x D18

Care Instructions