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"At the beginning of my day" make up box

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I want something with a simple and natural design that fits into my life by leaving it in a place that is easy to pick up. With that in mind, I aimed for a clean appearance while being warm and warm with wood.


External dimensions (overall): width 113 × depth 213 × height 203mm

Inner size (upper stage): width 94 × depth 168.5 × height 40mm

Inner size (bottom): width 100 × depth 200 × height 150mm

You can store not only makeup tools, but also skin care products, hair styling products, nails, cotton swabs, and everything you need to prepare.

Craftsmen who are good at woodworking technology make it by hand one by one.

※ Natural wood is used, there are individual differences in wood grain and colour one by one. In addition, please note that you may see lines and wood grain knots in different colours.

※Please note that wooden products may crack or deform due to strong impact and extreme dryness.

※Please avoid high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight due to deformation (cracking, warping, etc.) and discolouration.

※Please do not use it as a storage box.

※Please be careful not to put it within the reach of your child when using it.

※In order to use it for a long time, please wipe it off immediately without leaving it if moisture or oil adheres.

※If fluffing comes out, please apply wax or oil for commercially available wood products.


Care Instructions