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10 tea lover set

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The contents are carefully selected from seasonal recommendations. An assortment set of 10 kinds of 10p of spring tea and herbal tea that we confidently recommend. All tea bags are fresh, completely sealed individually wrapped anytime, anywhere. A cute can that looks like a picture book is a perfect gift. Of course, please use it for your home.

[Best-by date] More than half a year

[Preservation method] Store away from hot and humid places

[Can size] Approximately 11.5 cm in length, 19 cm in width, 5.5 cm in height

[Set contents]

Individually wrapped tea bag for cup 10p

・ Shortcake tea x 1p ・ Girls tea x 1p ・ White peach tea x 1p ・ Royal Apple x 1p ・ Children herbs x 1p ・ Sense of Wonder x 1p ・ Karel Chapek Earl Gray x 1p ・ Karel breakfast x 1p ・ Daily Spice Chai x 1p ・ Karel Chapek Nuwara Eliya x 1p

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