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2 Stamps 1,680JPY

4 Valentines Neko goodies (2 tins, 2 pouch) 5,990JPY 

2 Mizuno snoopy workout goodies 17,900JPY 

6 Kaldi caramel waffle 1,490JPY

1 Kaldi cats coffees box 1,990JPY 

4 dripped coffee pack (lion, panda) 1,590JPY

10 Dripped coffee pack 2,290JPY

1 Dean & Deluca magazine 2nd issue 1,690JPY 

4 MENBEI senbei (4 flavors) 1,080JPY 

1 Purple care bear 2,490JPY 

3 Pudding ( custard, milk, pumpkin)  1,170JPY 

2 Trash bag SS 3,290JPY

2 Trash bag S 4,190JPY





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