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Snoopy coffee assorted set

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Among them, because of the deliciousness that makes you want to drink regardless of the season, it is a set that contains 3 types of 3 bottles of coffee, which are popular throughout the year as standard coffee, 2 each.

[Original blend] 2p
Using coffee beans from Ethiopia, the coffee is fruity and refreshing and easy to drink.
It is a favorite taste in the United States, which is the stage of PEANUTS.

[Café au lait only] 2p
A coffee powder exclusively for cafe au lait, finished with consideration for compatibility with milk.
Using coffee beans from Ethiopia, you can enjoy the flavorful cafe au lait.

[Decafe] 2p
Using well-balanced Colombian beans and powerful Guatemalan beans, we have created a rich taste that does not make you feel unsatisfactory.
It cuts 99.85% of 100g of caffeine, so it is recommended for pregnant women and those who want to refrain from caffeine before going to bed or during lactation.

その美味しさと見た目のかわいさが人気のPEANUTS coffee。

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