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3 Wakodo cereal puffs 1,770JPY (each 590JPY) 

5 Smile pancake mixed powder 2,450JPY (each 490JPY) 

6 Cotta pudding cups 4,890JPY (815JPY each + local shipment)

6 IKEA’s order 8,140JPY (1 UNDERHALLA 1,880JPY, 2 TROFAST 1,880JPY , 2 ISTAD 990JPY, 1 BARKBORRE 3,390JPY +local shipment ) 

8 Canyon spice mini cube (2 hayashi ,2 curry ,4 cream)3,920JPY  (each 490JPY)

2 Canyon spice curry  regular cube 1,180JPY(each 590JPY) 

8 Canyon spice instant sauce 4,720JPY (each 590JPY)

2 Wakodo rice topping (box) 980JPY (each 490JPY) 

3 Wakodo rice topping (soft type) 1,470JPY (each 490JPY)

2 Wakodo juice (1 apple, 1 grape) 700JPY (each 350JPY)

1 Ibushigin dashi powder 100g 1,190JPY 

8 Wakodo pancake mixed (5 plain, 3 pumpkin potato) 3,600JPY (each  450JPY) 

1 Kids Yukata (pink 100) 2,390JPY

2 Kokoni wooden toys (1 cake 4,990JPY, 1 soft cream set 2,590JPY+ local shipment) 7,580JPY

4 Wakodo steam bread mixed (2 corn, 2cocoa)(each 450JPY) 1,800JPY

FEES are included, shipping fees excluded.






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