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Melon bread spread 110g

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The usual toast turns into a melon bread style! It is a spread that you can enjoy the crunchy texture and the sweet taste of melon flavor when you toast it on bread. If you use chopsticks to firmly attach the checkered pattern and then toast it, it will look like melon bread! If you store it in the refrigerator or in a cold place, it will become hard, so return it to warm room temperature to soften it before use. 

Avoid direct sunlight before opening and store at 30 ℃ or below.

Name (Product name) Cream for toast Ingredient name Shortening (domestic production), sugar, malt sugar, cookies, vegetable fats and oils, whole milk powder, melon juice powder, butter extract powder, salt / emulsifier, flavoring, cuttlefish pigment, (including some milk components, wheat and soybeans)

Other special notes 

If the cream drips on the melted heater, it may catch fire, so be careful not to overpaint it and place it on an oven plate to bake.・ Store at 30 ℃ or below even after opening, and consume as soon as possible.・ The color may change depending on the storage status and the passage of time.・ In the manufacturing process of this product, we produce products containing almonds.

Care Instructions