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Mamafy trial set

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It is a set of hair wash 25ml , body wash 80ml , rich milk 30g, milky lotion 30ml  with different feeling of use based on the idea of "preventive skin care" that keeps the baby's future.

Additive-free, fragrance-free, colourless, alcohol-free (ethanol-free), hypoallergenic, for sensitive skin*, weakly acidic, infant tested*, allergy tested*, patch tested*. *Not all people's skin is not allergic or trouble.

You can try two types of milky lotion, "Rich Milk" and "Milky Lotion", which is moisturizing.

It can be used with the baby and the whole family.

In order to deliver higher quality products to customers, all mamafy’s products are manufactured at factories in Japan that have cleared the hygiene management standards HACCP and pharmaceutical GMP.

Care Instructions