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Leaf & botanics hand wash gel 250ml (3 types)

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Hand soap based on liquid soap made from the old-fashioned pot burning method using palm kernel oil and flower oil. It features a rich lather that gently washes delicate hands and fingertips, and quick foam breakage unique to soap. Contains aloe vera leaf extract as a moisturizing ingredient, and it is washed clean. After removing dirt, it is recommended to use a hand cream that gently protects delicate hands and fingertips.


Precautions for use:

●Please do not use it when there is an abnormality in your skin or when it does not suit your skin. ●It may cause clogging, etc., so please clean the tip of the nozzle regularly and remove the solidified soap. ●Please store away from direct sunlight, high temperature, low temperature, and high humidity, and use it as soon as possible. ●Due to the use of natural ingredients, there may be differences in fragrance and color tone, but there is no hindrance to use.

Care Instructions