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Curry bread spread 110g

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The usual toast turns into curry bread style! Dried mashed potatoes seasoned with curry seasoning. A mild taste that feels the taste of dried onions. You can enjoy the texture and taste of freshly fried curry bread just by applying it to bread and baking it in a toaster. If you store it in the refrigerator or in a cold place, it will become hard, so return it to warm room temperature to soften it before use.

Shortening (domestic production), dried mash potatoes, curry seasoning (foods made mainly from spices, dextrin, salt, milk, etc., sweet corn powder, tomato powder, etc.), dried onions, fried onions, vegetable fats and oils / trehalose seasonings (Amino acids, etc.), flavors, spice extracts, emulsifiers, sweeteners (stevia), coloring agents (caramel, carotene), (some include milk components, wheat, soybeans)

Avoid direct sunlight before opening and store at 30 ° C or below.

Store at room temperature even after opening and consume as soon as possible.・ Depending on the storage condition, it may appear to be partially separated, but there is no problem with the quality.

Care Instructions