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COFIL fuji ceramic coffee filter πŸ—»

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No paper or cloth filter required. There are countless small holes for smooth drip.
Firmly extracts aroma and oil. You can enjoy the original taste of coffee beans because it also allows oil, which is the umami component of coffee beans, to pass through.
With the far-infrared effect of ceramics, you can enjoy the taste of delicious coffee that is mild and palatable.
It can remove the odor of karuki and impurities contained in water, and tends to soften water.
If you filter water, tea, and alcohol with a COFIL filter, the taste will be mellow and easy to drink.
We recommend coarsely ground to medium ground coffee beans.
For 1 cup (about 120 ml) to 4 cups.

Compatible with server cups with a diameter of 6.9 to 11.3 cm. For smaller cups, use the dedicated base face down.As with coffee and water, ready-made tea (Japanese tea, black tea, oolong tea, medicinal tea, herb tea, healthy tea, and various other teas) and alcohol (sake, shochu, whiskey, wine, etc.) are used as COFIL. By passing it through, you can enjoy a mellow taste by removing miscellaneous flavors.

It is not recommended to put tea (tea leaves) as it is and use it as a substitute for a teapot. The tea leaves open and block the holes, preventing liquid from passing through.

Care Instructions